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Dir en grey fans unite!

Like DEG? Join us. ^_^

egnirys //Dir en grey//
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Welcome, this is a fan community for Dir en grey. I've decided though that this will be closed membership for now, meaning you have to contact me and say you want to join. No, not cause I want to keep anyone out it's just I want to moniter those coming in. I want to stress that this is a Dir en grey FAN community for starters, obviously it makes no sense to want to join if you don't like them right? Secondly you can talk about the members and such all you want, say they're hot and ect ect .. Just umm .. don't be TOO distasteful. Third this is NOT I repeat NOT the place for fangirl bitch-out rants, either keep it to yourself or take it elsewhere cause in all honesty we really don't care and don't want to hear it. With that said send an e-mail to the address shown on this profile with your username and you'll be added ASAP. I hope people want to join, enjoy yourselves and stuff! :D

<3 theresaj