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CDs and Scorebook for sale

Everything sold!
Thanks very much!
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Deleted comment

I'll hold the scorebook for you. ^_^

About GAUZE: I'll be totally honest, I'm not 100% sure. I bought it used a couple of years ago. It does have the original anquette and a print date from east west japan of 99.07.28...unless there's something different about the first press edition I don't know about, I'm assuming it is. I'm really sorry I can't be more concrete. ^^;

I am new so need you guys to bear with me! Join my community! I know your probably saying. Wow she's stupid saying that in ANOTHER community but no! Jrock Talk All is a place for people who love Jrock/Jpop to talk about everything! ANYTHING!!!! Please join up and talk to your friends! You will be missing out if you don't!!! It's a place where you can talk about ALL JRock groups or Jpop groups! Please!!! Give it a chance!!!

I've got no problem with you advertising really, but this was a sale post, and an old one at that. There are better ways to get people to join your community, trust me.
No hard feelings, I'm just a little puzzled as to why you bothered to reply to this post with your advertisement.
OMG sorry! I had no idea!!! LOL. Really?! Could you help me? Well you like jrock right? God I really want someone to join my group. I have great ideas for it and I have a friend whos in many Jrock groups and has friends who will join but yeah. help?
Well, for starters, try calming down a little. I know you're excited, but be careful about spelling and grammar, and try to avoid using netspeak if at all possible (so no 'OMG' and 'LOL'). It makes you look more professional, and people are a lot more likely to take you seriously.

If you're advertising, get it out where people can see it!
No one's going to be looking at this old post, so make a new one (unless you're in a community that specifically discourages advertisments and then, well...obviously you don't want to post anything like that there).

Try getting things running in your community first. Start some of those "great ideas" so people have a reason to join! There's a thousand Jrock/Pop comms out there now, so you need to give people an incentive to join.

I do hope that helps; and again, no hard feelings at all! I just thought you could use a few pointers there.


November 14 2005, 14:30:24 UTC 12 years ago

Sorry. No worries, no hard feelings. Ok well thats for the pointers and for the record I usually don't use internet slang such as OMG and LOL. :) Anyways. Thanks a ton for the pointers.